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Michigan Wound Care + Hyperbaric Institute will differentiate itself from its competitors through service – one patient at a time.  We have perfected our approach to advance healing for more than a decade, serving a well-defined market niche by assisting our clients in managing the complexities of a changing healthcare environment.  Our commitment to providing the best professionals who exhibit the expertise, compassion and dedication required for anticipating and meeting clients’ and their customers’ needs enables MWCHI to emerge as a single-source solution for catastrophic and work-related injuries by:

  • Direct Physician consultation within one hour

  • Streamlined and Individualized Treatment plans

  • Diminished Medical/Legal Risk

  • Ease of Communication and accessibility to increase lower claimant exposure and increase cost savings to the Insurer and client.

  • As a result, we have an infrastructure that anticipates and meets clients’ and their customers’ needs by applying exceptional care.  We pride ourselves on the unique atmosphere we have created for healing and assisted wellness in the healthcare community. 

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